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Caught wanking. JOI


Oh shit sorry, wait a minute.
Have you had panties?
Give me an onion.
Oh, I’m going to be not coming.
What the fuck?
I can’t believe you’re like,
this is a ranking.
Why am I watching you?
What the fuck?
Oh, when do you take them?
What are you doing?
Oh, okay.
So then I was giving you that back then.
I don’t really know what you want me to do.
I think this is really funny.
Oh, you ain’t going to laugh so much.
You just like kind of unwankin.
Why is it because you didn’t care?
You just like wankin over me or just wankin over me or not then.
Oh, I’m just saying I’m wick screw.
I mean, probably one time a minute.
I think it’s still a wine can.
I think it’s really funny.
Well, get on top of that and put my recurve and start wine can.
Let me see how you do it because I’m intrigued.
I don’t know what, and that feels good if you just put them over your car.
So that feels good then.
I remember.
I think that’s a bit strange for whatever, centuries ago.
So anyway, what you doing in my room?
And like, couldn’t you just screw my room, take my panties and then just fuck off out?
You knew that I was coming back from work.
You knew that I needed to come back and get changed from going out later.
So what the fuck you doing?
Just like, get out now.
You’re going to stay there.
Well, I think you’re fucking dead.
Alright, well, now what?
What you’re going to do?
You’re just going to carry on wine can.
You’re going to theft it, really.
Well, then, if you don’t like, you’re going to do it for me.
Oh, what, you’re a shame-dye.
I can see you hiding it.
Oh, look.
Little boys got a little penis.
Oh, isn’t that really sweet?
Here’s the theft, hey.
Come on then, let’s see it.
Come on, let’s see it.
I thought this was my right.
It’s not it.
It’s not it.
I was right then.
You’re not going to smell a penis.
Captain, we know.
Little boy penis.
Little sausage.
No, it’s not even cutting, because it’s sausage, really, can you?
No, no.
A peanut, maybe.
Acorn, dick.
You know, anything along those lines?
You know what?
The knob on your forehead is bigger than the one there.
Let’s put it that way.
So, what you’re going to do now is,
and I’ll sit there and let me slide you off.
Well, I’m going to change clothes.
Let me go for a shower.
I don’t freaking care.
I don’t know what, because you’re a knob.
And you’re a pair of men, you know.
I know you will look at things.
See, I told you, it’s not fucking looking in knob.
Turn around.
You’re thick, you’re disgusting.
Stop looking at me.
Take your small penis and fuck.
Oh, go away.
Stop it.
You won’t get even faster, and it’s not good.
Oh, God.
I can’t even tell that you’re really enjoying this.
What are you going to do when one comes back?
She’s gone out for about five minutes.
I just passed there.
What are you going to do when she comes back?
You’re just going to like carry on.
Yeah, I’ll sit on my ear.
You just sit there.
Well, you…
Right, so you go on me and mom, come here and get changed in front of you.
You just close them.
But I just don’t understand you at all.
I’m so pissed off with you. It’s unbelievable, really.
I just can’t believe you.
I just really want you to just get out of my side.
Stop walking at me.
I know you really like it and everything.
I know that you like one can.
Do you mean by my tiny balls and everything?
Oh, my God.
Right, OK.
I’m just going to take my shoes off.
Right, then, little boy, what we’re going to do with you.
I really can’t believe that.
You’re so…
You cock.
It’s so small.
I’ve never seen one that’s more ever before.
It just makes me want to laugh.
Little boy, little penis.
I think it’s done, couldn’t I really like?
But I just think that I think it’s done.
My brother has a small penis.
My brother has a small penis.
Boy, that didn’t work now.
You’re going to tell me that you actually get any kicks off me
saying that you’ve got a really small cock.
What can I do then?
I mean, so you’re basically telling me that if I sat here and
like started feeling myself and ruined myself all over and
pretended that I’m like really enjoying it all.
So you’re like not going to like that.
You like to be off to death.
You like it when I describe you off and say that you really
shit and you’ve got a small penis.
You did.
So I’m going to sit here then.
I’m going to stop playing with myself and then I’m going to
discret share, put you off and then you can fuck off that
room, okay?
I think I think that’s really good.
You’re being driven next to your sports and not go away,
I think I’m dreaming.
This is the time that you do.
I’m going to really tease you and then I’ll pull you off.
If I really, really get into it.
I have to go on sister one nice big ten.
She lives quite a bit then.
She went with all the boys’ legs and stuck them.
She lives all over them.
Look at that vie.
Does that put you off?
He’s still the same like.
So fantastic.
You’ve got such a small snob ever.
If that, if that, right, I’ll be so disappointed if I just like
went out on that.
Pulled a guy, came back, pulled his pants off, was so damn
horny and then he had that.
Right, so I’d be like, well, I’m not going to have sex with
I actually want to feel like inside me, but that’s all.
It will even touch her thighs.
It will just like go right in and I’d like, is like it.
It’s so fantastic.
You know what?
I would often take white cry now.
It really was.
I thought you were freaking mad at when you were.
Yeah, I loved doing sit-wights.
I’m really good at it.
But you’re tiny, weenie acorn deck we get.
We lost because I said, but they’re not even that big and your
cork is just so tiny.
Do you know what?
I’m going to put everything on the fact that your cork is so
tiny, it’s about this big seriously.
It makes me laugh past my life.
And now I’m teasing you because I’ve got your skin camera
that should bring you a cork in between those tips and you
might not get a look in because it’s so pathetic.
It’s tiny.
I don’t like small cocks.
No one likes small cocks.
Why would anyone like a small deck?
They don’t.
And you are unfortunate.
You’ve got the tiniest fucking,
that thick little piece of nothing I’ve ever seen.
Oh dear.
Well, you’re not going to get your kicks really on.
Because you can’t put it anywhere.
It won’t fit.
It’s so tiny.
Well, I’m still going to get a little bit.
Do you like this one more?
I’m still going to get a little bit more.
Oh my god.
You are so ridiculous.
You like near-off common already, aren’t you?
I mean, how much comfort a tiny penis like yours have?
I mean, would a big load be like a penny size?
I bet it would when I come on now.
Let me stay.
I want to stay how much calm that you can give,
because this has been really, really funny.
Come on then.
Like, let’s try and work you up,
because I really want to feel this calm,
and this tiny penis.
So, come on then.
Start wanking yourself.
That’s it.
Look at me.
I’m making it in front of you.
We’re doing my last round.
Let me stay.
Come on, that’s it.
Yeah, I’m making a near-off common.
Wank that tiny little thing.
That’s it.
Go on.
Let me see.
I want to come everywhere.
Let me see how much it is.
Oh, yeah, that’s it.
It’s really, really good.
That’s it.
Imagine it comes.
I like to put my lips in.
That’s it.
Imagine it comes.
I like to put my little finger in,
because it’s so small.
Imagine it’s sucking off that tiny meaner.
Ah, good.
I can hardly, I can’t even fit.
It’s just so small.
I’m playing a deep throat bit.
I’ve probably picked a kid.
Oh, yeah, that’s it.
Let me see how tiny little things.
Oh, I’ve all that crumbs.
Let me see how much it’s going to be.
That’s it.
Oh, yeah.
She’s just gone.
She did, did it, yeah.
Oh, I knew it was all I knew.
I mean, it’s like a drop.
It’s like a super static.
Oh, I’m sorry.
I’m going to have to leave in my just last bit.
Oh, you’re super static.
It’s unbelievable.
Well, somehow ironic name is…

Date: September 30, 2023