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JOI with Some Gentle Anal


Hello baby!
Are you as excited for tonight as I am?
Mmm. I know personally. I’ve been waiting for this moment for a little while.
Ever since you started teasing yourself in ways that you never have by listening to me?
Honestly, just knowing that I have that kind of control over someone really turns me on more than anything else.
It’s funny because I would have said that I’m not the most dominating type person, but
apparently sexually, I guess, these kinds of things represent themselves in ways that you would never
expect. And honestly, knowing how much control I have over you, how you do what I say, stroking and
touching that cock how I want, coming how I want. Nothing makes me wetter. So I’m definitely going
to be playing with myself alongside you today. And honestly, the thought is so fucking exciting to me.
But first things first. You remember the rules, right baby? I won’t do any like type of humiliation
into that, but I expect you to never come until I say so to make sure you can follow along with my
absolute every instruction. And if you find yourself too close to coming too fast, you’re always
welcome to pause. Take a little breather, take a break, just relax for a second, don’t touch,
and then come back. I don’t expect you to be perfect, but I expect you to see them all be close.
So without further ado, let’s get started. Take off your clothes.
I expect my good boys to be completely naked from head to toe. I don’t know, I will do the same.
Honestly, if you’re going to play with yourself, you may as well do it right.
Fucking people with your clothes on can be hot and spontaneous in the moment,
but there’s nothing better than being completely naked with someone.
Rubbing your naked body up against theirs, feeling every single part of them.
And that’s why you should always, if you can, touch yourself completely naked too.
Because honestly, you may as well love your naked body. Confidence is so fucking sexy.
Why do you think you get so turned on when I tell you everything that you should be doing?
You love seeing that confidence. You love being controlled.
So I expect you to have that much confidence too. And following my rules.
Now that you’re completely naked, I want you to start slowly and aching me, teasing that cock for me.
I want you to imagine rubbing yourself up against me. Rubbing maybe that nice cock right up on my ass,
but not flooding it into me.
Just pushing it up against me like you know what’s going to happen next.
You know that you get to be inside me, but the anticipation is what makes you so fucking hard.
Oh my god, that feels so good.
Love touching these nipples.
Now keep going nice and slow for me.
Oh, just imagine being able to touch and feel every single little inch of me.
And do that with yourself. I want you to explore all around your body.
Touching places that you don’t usually touch, but I want you to feel everything.
Nothing is off limits. No place in your body is off limits. I want you to touch around your cock.
Touch up your body, up your nipples. I want you to touch down under those balls.
I want you to touch that ass and drag a finger up your tight little asshole down your tape.
Down to your balls too. I want you to tease and touch it all.
So feed me. I want you to get a finger wet. And I want you to touch that asshole again.
I want you to slowly slide that little finger inside, teasing yourself for what’s to come.
And I want you to imagine as far as you’re going inside that ass right now,
that cock would be sliding into my pussy at the same time.
Would you imagine feeling something so good like that?
All that hard cock pushing into the instruction, me like that finger is in your ass.
So much fucking entering and sliding. Every part of it feeling good.
Yeah. That’s it baby. Now I want you to begin to stroke. Take that finger out and make sure
you get that cock wet. And I want you to start to tease it. I want you to really begin to stroke
it from me. That’s it.
That feels so good. I’ll let you watch a little bit too. I know I’m turning one.
Just do some nice long even hard strokes for me.
Imagine sliding that tongue inside me as I stroke your cock myself.
That tight pussy aching for more.
Fuck that’s it baby. Just like that.
Can you feel it getting harder in your hands?
Pull that shaft up, back down.
Tracing around your body with your other hand. Really just relaxing into it. Being on your back,
spreading your legs as wide as they can go. Don’t be afraid what you look like.
There’s no one here to judge. It’s just you and me. And I want you feeling so good for me.
You like it when a woman’s legs are spread wide open. I like it when your legs are spread open.
Displaying that cock and all of its hardness for me. There’s nothing sexier than that.
I want nice full long strokes up and down that entire leg of your shaft.
That’s it. Pulling it up towards your body. Back up straight up and down vertical stroke.
Just like that.
I’m getting wet. That feels so nice. Use your own pre-comers loops as well if you feel that
you’re tripping from your tip. That always use my own common’s loop. So fucking hot.
There’s just something extra sexy about that warm wetness rolling around you.
Now with your other hand, I want you to tease that asshole again for me.
Be a dirty little slut for me. Go underneath the teeset.
Oh yeah. Get into the fact that you remind that I’m controlling you and just let go.
You don’t have to do anything except listen to me and what I tell you to do.
And you fucking love it. You love giving away all that power to me, letting me decide how you
come where you come as fast as you come. That orgasm belongs to me baby. Now slide that finger
in a little deeper and stroke that cock harder. You love being such a good little slut for me,
don’t you? Oh that cock aching and throbbing. Now in your hand.
Imagining me placing these nice perky tips in your mouth for you to suck on these nipples for me
to make me water and listen to my wet pussy as I touch it. Oh fuck. Do you imagine all
something sliding into your ass just a little, just to touch that G spot and then you sliding
that cock in my pussy so fucking a wire wrapped around you. Use those hips to drive that cock
into your hand up and down. Oh fuck, I feel so good. Can you feel that fucking kernel,
primal urge deep inside your stomach? It’s making your whole body warm. Those balls are tightening.
You naturally want to go harder and faster but not yet. Just keep that steady pace up and down
every time you go back down you stretch that ass a little bit more for me.
Knowing that you’ve never been so hard, so horny.
That every touch brings you closer to filling me up with every fucking drop of cum you have.
Just like that baby. Now I know you’re getting fucking close and so am I honestly feel so good
with love controlling you. But I’m gonna count you down. And I’m gonna count you down real
fucking slow and I want you to ache and add true me until I say the word zero. You think you’re ready
for that baby? Okay, I’m gonna start from 20 seconds and they might be a little longer than
seconds but I want you to do your best and make sure you listen to me along the way.
Keep that finger touching that ass or if it’s uncomfortable take it out with T-set ass hole.
T-set and circle it. Make sure that cock is soaking. 20. Every fucking number I say brings you closer
to coming. 19. 18. Get a little faster. 17.
16. Does that feel good baby? 15.
Oh fuck. 14. That’s a good boy. 13.
12. Oh god. 11. Faster. 10. Faster. 9. Oh fuck. 8. Go faster. Go faster. Go faster.
5. 5. Do you want me? Do you fucking want it baby?
Go as fast as you can. Go as fucking fast as you can. 4. 3.
2. Oh my god. 1. Oh fuck I’m gonna count. Don’t stop. Don’t stop. Harder. Harder.
Oh dear. Give us a name. Give us a name to you. Fuck.
Good boy. I hope you came with me. Thanks for following along. Now go clean up.

Date: October 8, 2023